Visiting St. John's
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2008-06-02 15:21:08 UTC

I'm a sea kayaking guide/instructor and membership chair of the
Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club from the NYC area. I'm also a
limnology research tech at Fordham University and I'll be attending a
Limnology and Oceanograpy conference in St. John's from June 6 to 13.
After that, I'll be staying until Thursday the 19th and I'd like to do
some paddling during that time. Ideally, I'd like to do a short multi-
day camping trip, but I'm very flexible. It appears that I can rent a
kayak from The Outfitters in Bay Bulls and I can probably bring most
of my own gear (I'm flying in). I'm trying to keep cost as low as
possible. Does anyone know if it would be feasable (or advisable) to
rent or borrow a kayak and do a short camping trip from Bay Bulls? Is
there different place within reasonable distance that you would
2008-06-02 15:35:58 UTC
Oops! I didn't finish and accidentally posted. Here's some more...
I would be very grateful for any assistance with trip planning, gear
loans, advice on inexpensive places to stay/camp, paddling partners,
etc. I'm also very willing to host anyone who'd like to visit/paddle
the NYC area.

Kam Truhn

Alex McGruer
2008-06-02 15:54:42 UTC
You will be here in tourist season (What we have of it).
Motels and Hotels here are not rediculous, expect about $100.00 per
night for a room.
Pippy Park is a camp ground inside the city if you want to tent.
If you like the Bed abd Breakfast program there are a few of them but
the ones outside the city are cheaper and more charming.
You might try Elaines B & B Elaine and Dan are super. They are not the
cheapest around but they are in Witless Bay.
The Govnor hotel on Elizabeth Ave. hosts a lot of our events. They are
modest, clean and have a great pub.
Equipment can be rented from The Outfitters on Water Street St. John's
If you are out for an evening paddle you can tag along with me any
time (right after work). I usually have a couple of boats on my car
and if Cecilia or Sandy are not there we have a spare boat for you.
I don't rent or lend stuff out of my sight but if you are interested
in an evening paddle with us you are welcome to use it.
Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador has travel guides that are great.
They are also free.
Linda Bartlett is with Tourism, she is a superb paddler and
This group is not in use by the club any more: We had some spam
problems that would not go away so we put up a more controlable site.
Here is the link http://groups.google.com/group/kayak-newfoundland-and-labrador
Good luck.