Forecast Fathers Day
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Alex McGruer
2008-06-13 13:30:02 UTC
The fathers Day forecast is not great.
Marine forecast for saturday is 20 Knot NE winds.
If this goes calm for Sunday we will have to contend with high seas in
Lance Cove.
AMAC wind forecasts for Sunday are ENE gusting to 60 KM
This would be a show stopper.
Forecasts are often wrong and these are blow us back where we came
from winds.
We will have three options on the beach. Good weather we are a go.
Poor weather we deal with the inside harbour. A trip to the water
falls, hydro plant, a cave that we Can't go into and a paddle back
down the south coast:
A tour type paddle.
60 KPH winds blowing in the bay we have a coffee for the trip home.
Winds gusting over 50 and we stay ashore.

A friend of mine once owned a kayak tour company (White Cap
His saying was" If there are white caps there is no adventure!"
Club paddles are level 1 This will not excede level 1.
Alex McGruer
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Alex McGruer
2008-06-15 02:33:42 UTC
The Paddle is a go.