Pool Session
(too old to reply)
2008-02-20 12:52:49 UTC
Finally attended my first pool session last night, and had a great
time. It was worth the drive in from Whitbourne in pea soup thick fog!
Thanks to everyone involved making these sessions possible, it
certainly makes the winter that much more bearable.

Sue, thanks for welcoming me, and thanks to Alex for giving me a hand.
Hopefully I can make it in for another before the winter is over.

2008-02-20 22:45:06 UTC
Get to as many sessions as you can. Work hard on your roll. I was
quite a slow learner for rolling. (I took Richard Alexander's rolling
course twice and barely had my roll after the second.) My roll
remained uncertain for a couple of years. Then I started hammering
away at it in the pool and after that in the ocean. Last year I'd
guess I rolled in the pool about 200 times, in the pond another 50 and
in the ocean a further 150, 400 times in all. Now, I'm feeling
confident about my roll. Every chance I get (I've been travelling a
fair bit this winter) I'll be at the pool doing as many rolls and
other self-rescues as I can jam into each session. Repitition is the
mother of learning.

2008-02-20 23:30:05 UTC
400 rolls!? You must have been dizzy! haha

Thanks for the advice Malcom. Trust me, I'd go to every one if I lived
closer :-)

Repitition is indeed the key. in 2006 I did the 2 evening course with
Mark Dykeman on stroke development and rolling (which was fantastic
btw). I came away from that with the fundamentals i needed to practise
it on my own. Last year I made a personal goal to have my roll nailed
before the summer was over. I spent many evenings in the pond behind
my house doing nothing but rolling. The first few evenings were
frustrating, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, but after 2
evenings i was able to do 10 in a row without missing. It was a great
feeling. Towards the end of the summer I was focusing more on bracing
and experimenting with different ways of getting back into my boat
should I have to wet exit. I must say, that pool session really has me
longing for summer.........

I saw your old NDK Explorer last night (Des Sullivan, told me he
bought it from you) I really liked the location of the bilge pump,
that was a nice retrofit, and I think i'm doing to do the same with my
Seaknife. Great idea!

Work less, paddle more